Update 5.0.0-beta32 - 33

Update 5.0.0-beta33
When not using a previously (before this update) existing bookmark, the TeamSpeak server you are connected to will be published to everyone you share a room with or have on your contacts list unless disabled in the bookmark or globally.
  • Download directory for files is now configurable
  • Option to ask for download every time or just download to configured folder
  • Ability to open downloaded files
  • Open chat on TeamSpeak servers use global chat system if you have the person as a contact
  • When sending a single emoji it will now be displayed bigger in detailed chat
  • Ability to join the current TeamSpeak server of a contact. Sharing the current server can be disabled in privacy settings or individually in the bookmark
  • Fix sent messages showing up twice
  • Fix a crash related to animated avatars
  • Add ability to discard the pinned message
  • Fix channel chat not showing new messages in some cases
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes
Update 5.0.0-beta32
Please note that all users have an additional @myteamspeak.com tag. The old tschat-1.teamspeak.com is still working for now, but might be removed in the future. Please use the myteamspeak.com tag when sharing your user tag.
  • Show permission level behind user names in chat rooms
  • New feature for discovering existing chat rooms
  • Ability to add a contact from the server tree context menu
  • Fix YouTube videos sometimes not showing up correctly
  • Fix an issue with hotkeys after losing connection to a server
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes


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