Update 5.0.0-beta.25

Update 5.0.0-beta.25
  • First release of permission editing, currently for server and channel groups
  • Even more permission management will come in a later release
  • Better handling of suspend/hibernate and loss of network connectivity for chat
  • New appearance option to change the UI scale - choose from small, medium or large
  • Improvements to rich text editing, especially code blocks and spoiler tags
  • Fix for connection info widget breaking after reconnect/timeout
  • Server tree view should handle incorrect channel banner URLs better
  • Improvements to chat scrolling under certain conditions
  • Reduce chat memory usage slightly
  • Lots of improvements to rich text editing, code blocks and spoiler tags
  • Report issue now goes to a web form rather than an email client
  • Tweaked the background hexes for a nicer appearance and better performance
  • Connected servers will now also display the port in the info pane
  • Fix for setting 0 slots in a channel also setting unlimited flag


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