Update 5.0.0-beta 25 - 28

Update 5.0.0-beta28
  • Fix show moderation events option not having any effect
  • Image upload from clipboard
  • Ability to favorite contacts and rooms
  • Ability to pin messages in rooms
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes
Known issues
  • Drag and Drop of images into the client window is not currently supported
  • Pinned messages do not currently show parsed content (clickable links etc)
Update 5.0.0-beta27
  • Add context menu option to create sub channels
  • Message copying adjustments
  • Ability to join public rooms via the join room button and the search bar, by entering the public address
  • Show myTS avatar of users in the client again
  • Fix not being able to send messages after being kicked and reinvited to a chat
  • Chat text input improvements for rich text mode
  • Fix options for contact grouping and Keep activities in place
  • Fix unread marker appearing in currently selected chat
  • Fix rich text message sorting
  • Fix empty pokes notification
  • Share Server adjustments
  • Reintroduce mention highlighting for messages and fix some related issues
  • Reintroduce colored chat names on messages
  • Pending invites no longer play sound when starting the client
  • Fix server banner refresh interval
  • Show who invited you to a chat room
  • Links in poke notification are now clickable
  • Fix indentation of gifs in detailed chat
  • Option to mute individual rooms
  • Added optional taskbar flashing on incoming chat messages and pokes when window is currently not active (Windows only)
  • Fix not loading all messages received while offline
  • Fix client rename on TeamSpeak server
  • Fix cancel invite to chat room not working
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes
Update 5.0.0-beta26
  • Replaced the chat backend and overhauled the chat user interface. Please recreate all contacts and rooms, the new chat system is not backwards compatible
  • The new chat system is work in progress and additional features are currently being implemented
  • Updated appearance, now with translucent header bars and a more streamlined look
  • Updated channel banner appearance in the server tree
  • New appearance option for showing a default background on every channel
  • New option to show country flags in the server tree
  • Moving multiple selected clients at once is possible now. Same goes for poke, kick and ban
  • Automatically focusing the own client after connecting to a server, creating channels or getting moved
  • New poke widget with quick response options
  • The compact server tree is the new default
  • Updated icons for the server status bar and chat input bar, new background assets
  • Improvements and fixes for editing permissions
  • Changed button layout for the main header area
  • Added context options to server connections in the slim mode
  • Added tooltips to some elements to see extended information
  • Fixed the unread counter when you poke a client for the first time
  • Fixed issues with the click area of some components
  • Fixed toolbar menus opening on the wrong element
  • Lowering memory usage of log files
  • Overal stability improvements and crash fixes


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